Moroccan Rugs

Handmaded Rugs

We share unique art & hand crafts from Morocco while promoting cultural understanding, highlighting the value of  handmaded goods and the role women play in defining culture.

So I am so glad to have you then and I hope that you can find a piece of art that will suit your space beautifully .

checkerboard moroccan rugs
Checkered Rug

Checkered Custom Rugs

since 1990

Our Moroccan Berber Rugs are just wonderful pieces of art, that will give any room the final touch and warmth it deserves. 

We can make custom-designed Moroccan rugs to your exact size, color, and design preferences.

No matter what rug you are choosing they are all unique masterpieces and perfect to give your room an upgrade. By choosing one of our rugs, you will be adding a new chapter in its life.

Checkerboard Rugs

100% Natural

The Morrocan checker rugs area the perfect complement for Bohemian, country or rustic decor. durable, simple to clean, and perfect for every room of the house. It has never been easier to keep your home stylish and clean.