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You can keep things simple and chic with the Moroccan Berber Yellow and White Rug, which features a simple checkered pattern. The Morrocan checker rugs area the perfect complement for Bohemian, country, or rustic decor. durable, simple to clean, and perfect for every room of the house. It has never been easier to keep your home stylish and clean.

please let us know if you prefer any other Sizes, combinations of colors, patterns.

Inspired by the weavings of the Beni Ourain nomadic tribe in Morocco’s snowy Atlas Mountains, this Moroccan rug maintains the tradition of plush, shaggy piles while infusing contemporary Bohemian flair with modern patterns and colorways. Plush, warm, and effortlessly stylish, these pieces add character and visual intrigue wherever they are styled.

Ships tightly rolled in a protective bag. Any slight creasing will disappear within a few days.

Shedding of loose fibers is normal with new rugs. Shedding will diminish with regular vacuuming.

📌 Shipping: insured, trackable, Fast and FREE Worldwide By FedEx Express (2 to 5 days delivery).

❖ Cleaning: all rugs are carefully cleaned before shipping.

❖ Texture: Moroccan / soft / Shag.

❖ Technique: Hand-Knotted

❖ Construction: Handmade

❖ Material: Wool, Cotton

❖ Location: Indoor Use Only

The Morrocan Berber rugs and the rural weaving culture has a great deal of attention from the international art world over the last 20 years.

The minimalist and abstract forms are seen in the Moroccan Berber Rug seem to both suggest an affinity with the earliest roots of the pile-weaving as well as represent the contemporary yet authentic creative and archaic spirit of tribal art.

Appreciation of the spontaneous and bold character of Moroccan Berber carpets began with classical modern architects such as Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, or Marcel Breuer who integrated them into their interiors and promoted them in important presentations.

📌 please note that I need 4 to 6 Weeks Or Less after the purchase to Make the rugs before I can ship them.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me via Etsy messages, I’ll answer you in less than 10 minutes at most of the time.


Shipping insured, trackable, Fast and FREE Worldwide By FedEx Express (2 to 5 days delivery) .
Material Wool .
Colors Grey, Yellow, Black,Green,Brown,Purple,Orange,Pink,Blue,Red
Technique Hand-Knotted.
Customization Time  4–6 weeks or Less

1.64X1.64FT=50x50CM, 2X5 FT = 61X153 CM, 2X6 FT = 61X183 CM, 2X7 FT = 61X214 CM, 2X8 FT = 61X244 CM, 2X9 FT = 61X275 CM, 2X10 FT = 61X305 CM, 3X5 FT = 92X153 CM, 3X6 FT = 92X183 CM, 3X7 FT = 92X214 CM, 3X8 FT = 92X244 CM, 3X9 FT = 92X275 CM, 3X10 FT = 92X305, 4X4 FT = 122X122, 4X5 FT = 122X153, 4X6 FT = 122X183, 4X7 FT = 122X214 CM, 4X8 FT = 122X244 CM, 4X9 FT = 122X275 CM, 4X10 FT = 122X305 CM, 5X5 FT = 153X153 CM, 5X6 FT = 153X183 CM, 5X7 FT = 153X214 CM, 5X8 FT = 153X244 CM, 5X9 FT = 153X275 CM, 5X10 FT = 153X305 CM, 6X6 FT = 183X183 CM, 6X7 FT = 183X214 CM, 6X8 FT = 183X244 CM, 6X9 FT = 183X275 CM, 6X10 FT = 183X305 CM, 6X11 FT = 183X335 CM, 6X12 FT = 183X366 CM, 7X7 FT = 214X214 CM, 7X8 FT = 214X244 CM, 7X9 FT = 214X275 CM, 7X10 FT = 214X305 CM, 7X11 FT = 214X335 CM, 7X12 FT = 214X366 CM, 8X8 FT = 244X244 CM, 8X9 FT = 244X275 CM, 8X10 FT = 244X305CM, 8X11 FT = 244X335 CM, 8X12 FT = 244X366 CM, 9X9 FT = 275X275 CM, 9X10 FT = 275X305 CM, 9X11 FT = 275X335 CM, 9X12 FT = 275X366 CM, 10X10 FT=305X305 CM, 10X11 FT=305X335 CM, 10X12 FT=305X366 CM, 10X13 FT=305X396 CM, 10X14 FT=305X427 CM, 10X15 FT=305X457 CM, 10X16 FT=305X488 CM, 11X11 FT=335X335 CM, 11X12 FT=335X366 CM, 11X13 FT=335X396 CM, 11X14 FT=335X427 CM, 11X15 FT=335X457 CM, 11X16 FT=335X488 CM


Black & White, Red & White, Dark Blue & White, Light Blue & White, Dark Green & White, Light Green & White, Pink & White, Baby Pink & White, Yellow & White, Orange & White, Purple & White, Brown & White, Grey & White


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